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Zofia Bentley Registered Polarity Practitioner. RPP

Zofia Bentley is a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) - first registered on 6th November 2001, a full member of the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association (UKPTA).

Zofia Bentley - Herts UK

Zofia's approach to her practice

Zofia Bentley - Polarity Practitioner, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

My approach to healing process

I see my role not as "fixing your problems" but as enhancing your access to own self-healing, in a safe, supportive space. I will introduce you to various simple self-help techniques, which you can use in your daily life to take better care of your health and wellbeing.

What's the treatment like?

On the first appointment I’ll ask about your  medical history, lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, and any present complaints - to determine the best choice of treatment.

Then  I'll work on the body using gentle holds, pressure points, rocking and stretching - to unblock and balance the vital  energy flow.  My hands are used like “electrodes”, stimulating and balancing energy flow.

When appropriate I'll include guided meditation and visualisation to help release mental and emotional blockages.

You may feel various sensations as the energy flow improves, the most common being  heat, tingling and a deep relaxation.

In most cases you can stay fully clothed, however it's best if can wear something loose and comfortable, and if possible made of natural fibre.

Other Polarity tools that I may include within a session:

Cranio-sacral techniques

Biosonic (sound) healing

Polarity yoga

Advice on nutrition

Counselling skills

Zofia's training and practice locations

Zofia successfully qualified as a Polarity Practitioner on 14th October 2000, having trained with The Healing Toolbox .

She practises as a Polarity Practitioner at the following location:

Stevenage Healing Room

Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Stevenage, , SG2 0JB

Mobile -  07951830382

Email -

Zofia Bentley RPP Registered Polarity Practitioner - Stevenage Herts UK