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UK Polarity Therapy  Association

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy was brought together by

Dr Randolph Stone DO, DC, ND, he used his lifetime to give to the World a very workable healing system based on Ancient Knowledge from the Far East, and Western healing with his wealth of understanding from his work in Osteopathy and Chiropractics.        

Polarity Therapy is an holistic, esoteric health discipline that takes into account how the body works, how it behaves, how the body uses the universal, the vital life force, energy available to it. This is done by providing information on self-nurture and understandings of the responsibility each of us have, in looking after ourselves with Diet and Movement.

Diet in the form of taking note of what we chose to feed ourselves, understanding that we need to take in energising, healthy food in acceptable quantities for the body. The Movement in the form of regular exercise that doesn't have to be strenuous, but enjoyable.

Polarity Yoga gives us all a chance to make the good work that the therapy has to offer and to sustain this with energising exercise.

Dr Stone believed that these exercises and postures were ideal for aiding the free energy flow.

Polarity Therapy uses the body's own flow of energies to re-balance areas that may have become blocked.