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‘Time to heal'

By Kate (Article supplied by Gloria Phillips with permission)

Time to heal.

January 2, 2018 mrs k meaks

Happy New Year!

I’m not big on resolutions, but naturally at the start of each new year it feels quite therapeutic to list or think about your goals or dreams for the next 365 days ahead.

For us it felt good to start fresh in 2018 after a very busy year (moving house, miscarriage, IVF) and we both discussed having the focus on some fun this year and dare I say more quiet?!!!! But it’s a big year for my family as my dad turns 70 in a couple of weeks and we have booked a fabulous house with an indoor pool to celebrate the weekend with family and their friends. Then as we head toward the summer we fly to New York for my brothers wedding in June and an exciting road trip along the East Coast including Boston (I have wanted to go there forever) and then back to NYC for my brothers 40th. We can’t wait for the adventures with Austin and I love travelling with him and as a family.

So with a fun-filled year ahead I felt it was really important to make sure I addressed how I am feeling and to make sure I am taking care of myself physically and mentally. Last year, my body went through A LOT. My mind went through A LOT. There is still some healing to do and I am not quite there yet but anyone who knows me, knows that holistic therapies are so important to me and a big part of my healing process. I’ve spent many years benefiting from trying different approaches to help aid many of my physical ailments within my body. Before we investigated IVF and the world of medical science to help us conceive I had already enjoyed and seen the benefits of acupuncture, religiously going for the last five years now.

After my second miscarriage last year my husband asked if I wanted to go and talk to someone to help me heal the pain of two back to back losses. At the time I didn’t want to, not because I didn’t think it would be beneficial but I wanted to research other ways to try to help me understand what had happened to us. I am a great advocate of talking and therapy as a tool, personally I’ve benefited from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy whilst dealing with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) in my twenties but for this instance it didn’t feel needed. I also have a degree and Masters in Psychology, a subject I am so, so passionate about, I just felt a need to look a little deeper into some alterative ways to heal.

So I wanted to write about how I was introduced to Polarity Therapy back in November. This holistic treatment is a great approach to use alongside more conventional methods to improve or maintain your health. Polarity Therapy recognises that energy has to move from a positive to a negative pole, through a neutral field. It addresses many different levels, subtle energy, nervous, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, myofascial, respiratory and digestive systems. I was very lucky to have a friend whose mother was a great Polarity Therapist and I was excited as it also works great alongside traditional chinese therapy so my acupuncture treatment would also be complimented. After a miscarriage your kidney health is quite depleted and this is an important factor within fertility. Your kidney health in Chinese medicine are the source of Yin and Yang in your body. I have had quite obvious lower back pain and a weak kidney pulse identified through my acupuncture so this was something I really wanted to address before embarking on trying to get pregnant again. I really believe that sometimes, the questions of why can’t always be answered medically so to speak?

With Polarity Therapy, the practitioner helps find sources of energy blockages by scanning the body for symptoms of pain, discomfort, muscle spasms and tension. After my first session, I was so intrigued to discuss how the energy within my body was distributed. It was no surprise that she felt the need to address the energy surrounding my pelvis and I physically felt the current move up through my stomach and chest as she worked on the blockage. Such a surreal feeling, hard to describe but I could significantly feel the energy shift. Almost like a sick feeling coming over you, not in a scary way but like a force moving through you. We both discussed how it felt like the pain of the miscarriages were sitting heavy and needed to be shifted. To physically feel the release or the movement within your body is so energising. I really did feel different after, I felt lighter, more free.

My treatment also included some reflexology which I have had before but not continuously. I was fascinated by how much you can tell from the structures of your feet. Even so far as my practitioner asking me when I gave up smoking as the colouring on my feet showed I had smoked in the past. Mad. (I gave up 7 years ago in February) for those who wondered! The structures around my ovaries were good, my left side a little sluggish but much better by the 2nd/3rd session. My uterus felt balanced and we even distinguished which side I ovulated that month. I have now had 3 regular cycles in a row since the last miscarriage which is great. I think it is quite universally known how beneficial reflexology can be when trying to conceive and I am now 5 sessions in, approaching the end of my treatment cycle (we will continue maybe once a month) and I am so happy with how my body has responded.

To me, this has been my saviour therapy and given me some confidence back in my body again. There is still tensions in my neck and back and I think I will always enjoy a massage to help release some tightness but I have found a new holistic treatment that has started the healing process. It was so important to heal from what we went through and although always a work in progress, I feel a huge energy shift……and its a positive one that is for sure.

It is nice to feel happy once again and I think the Polarity Therapy is a big part of that!

Take Care,


Supplied by Gloria Phillips Jan 2018

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So with a fun-filled year ahead I felt it was really important to make sure I addressed how I am feeling

‘Polarity Therapy recognises that energy has to move from a positive to a negative pole, through a neutral field.’

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‘…..this has been my saviour therapy and given me some confidence back in my body again…’