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Polarity: Science and Spirituality - Bridging the Gap

Science can try `to see the world in a grain of sand', in the stars and galaxies, in the energy hidden within the atom, or in the growth and development of the human brain. But it does not really matter where science starts, because eventually it will lead to the same place - the mystery of Life, the Universe and everything in it.

Today's new breed of mystics, comprising quantum physicists, cyberneticists, molecular biologists, mathematicians and computer scientists, have all largely explored the depths of frontier sciences and have somehow been introduced to the oneness of it all. The apparent gulf between science and spirituality is caused by the use of different languages. Both camps are, however, saying the same thing.

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Original article by  Shahriar Shahriari, 19/8/2010

“But it does not really matter where science starts….”

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