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Bedini SSG free energy motor runs on the Polarity Principle.

The search for the existence of the Dynamic Ether has resulted in new mechanical devices that astound.   Conventionally educated engineers and physicists find it extremely hard to get their heads around some of John Bedini's work. 

Many new theories concerning the nature of the universe have sprung up in recent years, as a direct result of the dissatisfaction with the current paradigm that relies heavily on aceptance of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.   Seers such as Tom Bearden (Energy from the Vacuum), Lew Price (Nether) and Ronald Pearson (The Big Breed Theory) have turned things on their head. 

What is so exciting about these fresh approaches is that the new theories seem to correlate with experience as well as resolve the problems that make relativity an incomplete theory.   Inherent in these new theories is a consistent appreciation of a background substance that confirms the reality of a Dynamic and Intelligent Ether.   Truly bridging the gap between Science and Spirit.

What is so exciting from a Polarity Perspective is that the fundemental mechanism for the creation and the sustenance of our Universe is the simple Principle of Polarity, enshrined in Polarity therapy itself.   The fact that energy only flows when a di-polarity is created (positive and negative energies in balance, create a neutral space and then an intelligent energy flows).   Dr Randolph Stone DO DC created Polarity Therapy and based it on the knowledge of this simple principle.   What is emerging are new theories that support Dr Stone's viewpoint.

John Bedini uses the Principle of Polarity, as impulse technology, so elegantly explained by Tom Bearden in his Energy from the Vacuum Theory, to create a so-called electro-magnetic "gap", from which energy is released from the vacuum.   Building on much of the later work of Nicola Tesla, Bedini has created a grass-roots phenomenon.   All over the world people are "building" machines that literally suck the energy out of the ether.   The Ether exists...fact...otherwise these machines wouldn't work! The implications for Alternative approaches to medicine are fantastic.   What is so exciting is that Dr Stone created a system of health building that cannot be further simplified, but which taps into the most basic and most powerful mechanism the Universe has at its disposal - Polarity.   Without it life, as we know it, just wouldn't exist.

Polarity Practitioners the world over can be confident that they are involved with something very special.   The world is slowly waking up to the Power of Polarity.


Original article by  Tony Mills, Blog, 8/7/2011 (original link now deleted).

“…Truly bridging the gap between Science and Spirit.…”

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