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Relaxation in the Two Polarities

As stated in the Cancer 2013 Blog, the four weeks while the Sun is in Cancer are an exceptional activation of the Divine Feminine

This lesson will help you take advantage of this opening and move from the stressful mode of ‘go, go, do, do’ into the ‘relax and attract’ mode of living. As you release of tension and stress caused by blocked energy, be aware of a dynamic flow of aliveness. Monitor this phenomenon in your own being. It is a great experience!

Yogi Bhajan says ‘The highest achievement of human mental and physical activity is to calm down your body and mind. It is the hardest possible task to calm your body and mind at the same time.’ Our most powerful, satisfying, and sustaining asset in life is to be relaxed and in a self-contained state where nothing can upset us. Above the fray, we calmly watch the game. Patient and in the flow, we are present in acceptance and gratitude. Achieving a state of relaxation is a function of how we experience both polarities.

Conscious relaxation is our goal. Passing out and checking are habits of denial. We want to wake up and stay awake in both mind and body.

Achieving relaxation in our mind and body requires different strategies for the two polarities of our soul — (1) Stable – at peace, still, permanent, (2) Dynamic – live, moving, changing, evolving. One polarity tries to compensate if the other is not functioning properly and as a consequence both create stress and are unable to relax.

1. Relaxation in Our Neutral Mind – Stable Polarity

Our mind relaxes in stillness in our neutral channel. When we become one with stillness — no movement — our mind can relax. Relaxation in stable stillness anchors in the male/mental polarity of our soul in our psyche. Establishing this base is absolutely essential for the relaxation of our feeling feminine polarity.

      2. Relaxation in Our Body and Emotions — Flowing Polarity

Relaxation in our mind is found in the depth of stillness.

Our feeling polarity is the opposite.

It must move. It will not relax in stillness or immobility. When we try to sit like a stone, our emotional and physical bodies go nuts.

If our feeling polarity is not moving, it is stuck.
Our feminine polarity can relax only in movement.(Movement and relaxation can be internal. We don’t have to be externally in motion all the time.)  Relaxation in our physical and emotional bodies happens in movement that is rhythmic, pulsing, and flowing.

There are many moving Kundalini Yoga exercises. It is vital to do them rhythmically, and not just jerk our body around. As we establish our rhythm, we can engage our sensitivity in the moving rhythm and train ourselves to relax while in motion.

We Stop and Allow Our Flow

Do you ever tense up or hold your breath when you feel confronted? This habit is an attempt to find stillness, but it stops our flow. We can break this habit, by tuning into the flow of our breath and the pulse of our heartbeat, and following our breath into a state of relaxation and flow.

Flowing relaxation is a function of the state of our instincts, emotions, and impulses generated by the fire, water, and earth elements. When our emotional body is relaxed into our personal flow, this sensitive energy does not get thrown off balance by inner and outer triggers. Of course, we will feel energy shifts and stimulation. But when we are self-contained and find satisfaction within ourselves, we cease to get involved externally in attempts to find attention and nurturing.

Relaxation of our flowing polarity is not a question of will, control, discipline, or objectively observing and detaching – all mental faculties and appropriate approaches for the air and ether elements. We don’t rise above feelings, become insensitive, and shut off or suppress the flowing polarity of our soul. In our neutral mind with the power of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance, we uplift and liberate stuck energy with neutral kindness and love.

We are gradually able to feel and sense at a deeper level and awaken to our internal flow. In the process, our physical and emotional bodies synchronize and become one with the Infinite Flow. We relax into our own flow by tuning into (1) the flow of our breath, (2) the pulse of our heartbeat, and (3) our inner circular flow that starts in the spine and engages our whole body.


Original article by  Guru Rattana, Relaxation in the Two Polarities, 23/6/2013

Above the fray, we calmly watch the game.?

‘Establishing this base is absolutely essential for the relaxation of our feeling feminine polarity.’

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