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Penny Brewer

Registered Polarity Practitioner. RPP

Penny is a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) and a full member of the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association (UKPTA).

Penny Brewer - Guildford, Surrey UK

Penny's approach to her practice :


It’s always been about the body.

I initially studied massage, reflexology and yoga before training as a Polarity Practitioner in Johannesburg. There, I had my own practice before moving in to creating wellbeing and health/resorts spas in Africa, UAE and Cyprus.  

Talking Therapies

Always curious, I  studied MSc psychology and trained in talking therapies (CBT).  

I see how talking helps individuals and groups.  I also recognise through conversation how individuals including myself are sometimes unable to articulate their feelings initially and so first express how they feel in their body.  Emotions can run riot as can hiding away from our selves.  Talking therapies and bodywork complement each other.

Polarity Therapy

For me Polarity Therapy, with its roots in Ayurveda is a gentle beautiful process - each time a journey and always simply a balance of the polarities. This UKPTA website has a wealth of easy to read knowledge.


To expand on my body work, I am also studying Cranio-sacral Integration  This medium, as part of the osteopath family, delves in to the anatomy and physiology to a richer degree and thus supports Polarity Therapy session.  

Spas and Wellbeing

With a background experience in spas, I would also like to train massage practitioners in a similar art of touch which can be integrated in to a bespoke massage or stand-alone treatment. The focus is on balance, space and relaxation and has its roots in Polarity Therapy, to be in the energy state of ‘neutral’ is an invitation to the client’s well-being, delivered by the practitioner.


I currently work from Guildford and can do home visits depending on the distance. Before each session we will spend a little time catching up on how you are and anything in particular you may wish to work on.   

The formal stuff

Qualified: Academy of Biogenetics Therapy,

Johannesburg, South Africa 05/9/2003

I am registered and insured in both mediums.

Member of UKPTA - First Registered 28/6/23

I will need to take personal details,

covered by GDPR regulations.

Penny Brewer


Penny Brewer - RPP Registered Polarity Practitioner - Guilford Surrey, UK Tree Hug - Elements - Polarity Therapy