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Lyn Whiteman Registered Polarity Practitioner. RPP

Lyn Whiteman is a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) - first registered on 21st March 2004, a full member of the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association -UKPTA.

Lyn Whiteman - Charmouth,

 West Dorset UK

Lyn's approach to her practice

Lyn Whiteman RPP And RPT – Registered Polarity Practitioner and Trainer. Based in Charmouth, West Dorset, England. Lyn works in a holistic way, listening and observing the Client's own particular set of circumstances, working to support and encourage positive change and outcomes.  This bodywork  has greatly assisted me greatly in the past,  as I have experienced the positive changes that can be made through the bodywork - personally overcoming IBS, through a stressful set of experiences, with greatly improved wellbeing since Training in ‘Polarity’.

Creating a balance within the system, and knowing how to regain that balance when stresses arise is key to this work.

Being able to share this great bodywork with others is a joy.   The session takes approximately an hour.

Wear loose comfortable clothing of natural fibres if this is possible. Depending on each individual’s requirements, it would be very beneficial to consider at least 5 bodywork sessions over a 3 month timeframe for example,  to maximise the benefits of Polarity bodywork, or a Neutral Session.


The sessions are excellent for allowing a client to experience a reduction in ongoing stress, for the body and mind, and bring about a definite change in reducing tension and exhaustion or both.

Relaxation Training can also be of great benefit to you, if you are wishing to manage stress levels more effectively.

Additional information about Lyn's practice

Latest news

In addition to the Polarity Bodywork, there is also available a Neutral Space Relaxation® session, allowing a client to experience a deepening of Relaxation in the body.  

For further information and or training information please see the website.  

This work is built on the foundation of over 20 years of bodywork experience in the field, and 65 years of Dr. Randolph Stone's work (the originator of Polarity Bodywork),  with an additional  11  years of Facilitation  of training in Neutral Space Relaxation Techniques based on the collective knowledge and practice of this unique bodywork and taking it forward in a Contemporary way. Everyone loves to be ‘Relaxed’ and live their life with this new way of being!

Neutral Space Relaxation Sessions and Training

The benefits of working with the Neutral Space is evident from the amazing testimonials we have received over the years. Training in this modality is also possible for existing Practitioners or non-Practitioners, to be able to commence this work and continue onwards towards becoming Educated in Polarity Principles, EPP,  and (Educated in Neutral Principles) ENP, and then further achieving Registered Polarity Practitioner Status. RPP Through Courses, and Modules.. More information available -   contact Lyn on 07780 705684 to find out more about Courses offered.

Lyn's training and practice locations

Lyn successfully qualified as a Polarity Practitioner on 27th November 2003, having trained with - Masterworks International .

Lyn practises as a Polarity Practitioner at the following locations: West Dorset, nr. Lyme Regis

Neutral Space Relaxation, West Dorset, Charmouth, Bridport. DT6 6PN

Monday to Friday, please call to make an appointment.


Mobile -  07780705684

Email -

   Esencia Esencia Relaxation®. West Dorset

    Charmouth, Dorset, DT6 6PN

Monday to Friday, please call to make an appointment.

Mobile -  07780705684

Email -

Pure Polarity Relaxation Centre

Charmouth, Bridport, West Dorset. DT6 6PN

Monday to Friday please call to make an appointment.

Mobile -  07780 705684

Email -

Further information about Lyn's practice and Modalities

Neutral Space Relaxation® Facilitator/Trainer.

Accredited Life Coach, Master Coaching program.

Training/Facilitator of Esencia Relaxation®.  

Art and Self Development

Workshop facilitator/Tutor of art

QHHT Past Life Regression, for Advanced Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Lyn Whiteman RPP and RPT NSP/F

Registered Polarity Practitioner/Trainer.

Neutral Space Practitioner/Facilitator.

Contact Lyn on 07780 705684


Lyn Whiteman RPP Registered Polarity Practitionerand Trainer - Dorset UK