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Graham Whiteman Registered Polarity Practitioner. RPP

Graham Whiteman is a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) - first registered on 21st March 2004, a full member of the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association -UKPTA.

Graham Whiteman  -  Charmouth,  

West Dorset UK

Graham's approach to his practice

Graham Whiteman RPT - Polarity Practitioner and Trainer, Charmouth, West Dorset, England.

I work with the well being of the Client as the focus. All sessions using Polarity Therapy are completely tailored for that individual by the energy interaction between client and practitioner,  so each client will receive a relaxing session to re-balance their energies.

"This produces a feeling of well-being where your body is in harmony with itself and you are more able to tackle the physical and mental rigours of everyday life."

Additional information about Graham's practice

Graham Whiteman RPT - Polarity Practitioner, Charmouth, West Dorset, England  If you want a place to relax, then this could be the place for you. Quiet and peaceful, even tranquil.

The session is carried out in a safe professional environment, with total focus on the well-being of ‘you’ the client.    

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Latest news

We are continuing to expand our depth of knowledge, working to improve our responses to clients.

If you have joint (mobility) issues, back trouble, headache, or digestive issues give us a call.

Many clients come with a variety of symptoms, although we listen to the client regarding symptoms, we are not treating these we are treating the whole person and will take into consideration all levels of the whole person.  Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Panic attacks, Relationship problems, Feeling Down, Low Self-Esteem; Unresolved issues all would be benefit from Polarity.

Graham's training and practice locations

Graham Whiteman RPT - Polarity Practitioner & Trainer, Charmouth, West Dorset, England Graham successfully qualified as a Polarity Practitioner on 27th November 2003, having trained with Masterworks International.

Polarity Practitioner at the following locations:

Neutral Space Relaxation®

Neutral Space Relaxation - Logo

Neutral Space Relaxation®,

West Dorset, Bridport, DT6 6PN

Monday to Friday,

please call to make an appointment.


Mobile -  07787 503508

Email -

Esencia Relaxation®. Charmouth

Esencia Relaxation Logo - For Relaxation TrainingCharmouth, West Dorset, DT6 6PN

Monday to Friday,

please call to make an appointment.

Esencia Relaxation® Sessions and Training

Graham Whiteman RPP & RPT

Practitioner and Trainer of  Esencia Relaxation Bodywork.

Contact Graham on 07787 503508

Email -

Pure Polarity Relaxation Centre

Charmouth, West Dorset, DT6 6PN

Monday to Friday please call to make an appointment.


Email -

Further information about Graham's practice

“I work with other modalities:‘Body Alignment’ to resolve those structural issues.

' Indian Head Massage' for a deep relaxing session.

Another work area is Past Life Regression (PLR), where I continue to work with clients helping to reveal some amazing understandings, in this life, from looking at issues in ‘Past Lives’, using techniques developed by Dolores Cannon from America..

The ultimate relaxation is Polarity Therapy as the body is allowed to release all tension and recover to a healthy balanced state.  

If you are thinking in terms of pampering or relaxation then Neutral Space Relaxation is simple and yet profound for bringing 'life' back in to balance.” for Training and Education.


You can also find information about Graham on his website -

Graham Whiteman RPP Registered Polarity Trainer & Practitioner and Polarity Trainer - West Sussex UK