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A ‘Revolution within Polarity’

by Graham Whiteman RPT

Creativity rising through Polarity

All the energy in the Universe is all part creation and is still in the process creation. The vital fire of creation descends into substance on Earth and blends with matter.

This involution brings impetus and movement creating the energy for change.

Its revolution creates the movement of life, attraction and repulsion.

This descent and movement spirals into duality, an energy of positive and negative positioning for the energy flow for life on Earth.

Plant growth shows this duality dynamic which is the revolution for Expansion. Now this growth is ‘life by conflict’, duality is a duel. Life by conflict will exist as a continuous process of trying to win, as the perceived solution is winning.

The energy movement from one pole to the other, positive flowing to negative, is the way the human body interacts and interrelates with the multi-layered environment


The dualistic life, we gradually discover, has the pattern of the pendulum swinging from right to wrong, good to bad, light to dark, and returning back, wrong to right and so on.

“When will we awaken from this slumber of self hypnosis of the mind and dig up the wells of wisdom of life itself”      Dr.R.Stone, Book V.

The Energy of Order and Chaos

Understanding the energy release when chaos is transformed into order, or understanding the energy it takes to maintain chaos.

The flow states of water

(Water actions when in a pumped or closed system).

 Laminar Flow  - free flowing and smooth

Turbulent Flow - very mixed flow patterns

Stagnant Flow  - slow to no flow

When water is in laminar flow it has great speed and smoothness, but when the changeover takes place the speed of the flow diminishes and the water goes into turbulent flow, potentially caused by obstructions, changes in direction, changes in pressure, etc., the adjustments in the energy levels it takes to pump this turbulent flow  of water within the system, is a lot greater than for laminar flow. When the speed of flow drops due to restrictions or lack of energy, the flow of water can move into a stagnant state, where water cannot hold or carry many particles, i.e. an abundance of oxygen or minerals, or waste, these constituent parts of water will be deposited as the flow slows.

Willing the body to hold onto a chaotic state takes a great deal of internal body energy, the releasing of this energy can be seen and felt , just one example is when body shaking occurs in crying, where the movement of the diaphragm and solar plexus experience large shifting, this is the body’s natural reactions to release, emotional energy.  This movement to harmony and balance is the human body’s natural search for balance.

The Energy of change within.

The energy flows from a positive to negative pole through the neutral, the neutral being the change point of polarity. Neutral is therefore an important place or field of change, where change can be made by choice, to change or not to change, an open question, an open invitation.

Many times, when working with the body energy I have felt, a surge of energy as it begins to change and then evenness is apparent, just like with water, chaos is causing turbulent flow, when change begins to take place, ie resistance falls away or the flow speed changes then laminar flow occurs lowering the energy required for flow to occur, and increasing the availability of potential energy.

When dealing with the body energies similar effects can be noted,

No flow             - total blocks, numbness.

Partial flow       - restriction, discomfort

Turbulent flow   -  pain, soreness ( Chaos, fizzy water feeling)

Laminar flow    - good body tone and healthy tissue

When a high or higher level of flow occurs, similar energetic qualities will ensue, giving a balanced feel, a sign of energy flowing, turbulent flowing resolving, then you can engage with the dynamic laminar flow.

“by not going deep enough we neglect to see the beauty of life in its primal array of sound waves and brilliant display of light and colours which weave this temple of the soul in higher vibratory spheres of fire essence with Cosmic economy of construction called ‘Creation’. All this goes on constantly or creation would cease to manifest”                Dr.R.Stone Book V

Mastery of the revolution by resolution.

This vital fire of creation has limitations in duality. The revolution present in life is a limitation in health and consciousness.

The resolution to this revolution is to ‘master’ the inbuilt programme by learning how to operate and understand the game inherent within this duality status.

By working with relaxation to release the density of the body, to resolve the duality, to hold knowledge of resolution, to move through the gateway of polarity to Neutral Space, where all golden potential can be realised, expansion for the creative self moves with self realisation  along the pathway.

Mastering of the game becomes the gateway to the greater expansion of consciousness into the plane of the vital fire, a Neutral-Space.

……here let us make a pause for we are on the edge a mystery so profound.

By Graham Whiteman    © May 2013   4/6/2013

“Polarity –

a golden opportunity to open the gateway to a new way, a new paradigm.

When exploring the ‘order and chaos’, ‘creativity’, with an understanding of energy flow, can we all walk through the gateway to resolution  and Unity?”

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